Shiny new e-commerce site

It’s surprising how the pace of technological change has altered our perception of age. Our faithful old e-commerce t shirt store was nearly 9 years old and yet the fact that you are reading this blog post on our brand new website is enough to tell you that the old one has been retired from active duty due to being ancient (do you calculated website years in the same way as dog years?). I’m not sure where old websites go to while away there remaining years, but I hope it’s a peaceful,sunny field in some digital rural idyll.

So, the shiny new site is live. Bigger images, clearer navigation, a superb range of printed t shirts. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the great prices we charge for all of our t shirts whether the are slogan, topical, sport, retro or cult movie, they are still just £10 each. Our commitment to Quality, Value & Service is as strong as ever and this is especially true of our Custom printing service. If you need custom t shirts, hoodies, workwear or pretty much anything else for promotional, club,event, team use get in touch and we’ll work our socks off to create what you need.

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